Why GreenNurture? It's simple - we're needed!

You see, we're passionate about sustainability. So we've been paying attention. And it came to our attention there is a void out there.

Companies worldwide are beginning to see the competitive advantage in "going green". In some cases, government regulation is even requiring those changes. But it's new ground; a big shift from the traditional model of doing business. Companies of all kinds need help.

And we're equal to the challenge. GreenNurture is the premier corporate sustainability program focused on engaging the human resources of an organization and empowering them to take environmental action. We do it by providing:

  • Employee Engagement - A social-networking structure actively involves your entire workforce in your sustainability initiatives and provides a forum for their ideas, creativity and commitments. Learn More

  • Knowledge - GreenNurture acts as a content aggregator for your sustainability initiatives, with modules for Videos, Articles, News and Announcements and RSS feeds. Knowledge is power! Train and educate, and see the difference in your bottom line.

  • Contests and Goals - "What gets measured improves" -- engage your employees around specific goals with our Goals and Contests modules, and display the results. See the improvements in real time!

  • Social Recognition - Give employees the recognition they deserve with points and badges, right on their employee profiles, showing how active they are in the GreenNurture system, including attainment of expertise through participation in the training and content modules.

  • Reporting - GreenNurture's analytics give you the 40,000 foot sweep all the way down to the earthworm view, on ideas generated, participation, training and education, goals and contests, points and badges.

And it just so happens, an important study validates our efforts. The 2009 Engaged Organization Study conducted by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) confirms the need for companies to educate and engage their employees in order to achieve the business value of a sustainable organization.

We love feeling needed.

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