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Triple Bottom Line Accounting

In the rising tide of public and regulatory demands for social consciousness in the marketplace, organizations of all kinds are struggling to establish a Triple Bottom Line approach which takes into account not only financial profits, but the ecological and human impact of doing business as well.

In this new and nebulous territory, GreenNurture answers that growing business need by providing an innovative, purpose driven tool that weaves your entire workforce into the problem-solving process. Here's how:

Ease of Implementation

GreenNurture is a web based system - no downloads, no software or hardware to install - and utilizes a familiar social media-style interface that employees are keen to use. It's so easy and intuitive, any organization from 10 to 10,000 employees can start the sustainability conversation in no time flat!

Employee Engagement

With GreenNurture you tap the front-line intelligence of your workforce, just as if you were alongside them in the trenches. They gain the job satisfaction of having a voice in the sustainability issues that are important to your organization, and seeing how their efforts impact the bottom line. It's a win-win arrangement that unleashes the full dimension of your company's potential.

Tracking and Measurement

The changes are clear! GreenNurture has embedded mechanisms that allow you to document your business case for important initiatives. Identify the best ideas from throughout the fabric of your organization, measure collaboration and participation in the system, see improved communications and the impact of your training and education. It's all fully integrated.

Points and Badges

GreenNurture gives you the option of recognizing employees for their active participation in any or all of the modules. Having a contest? Give a badge to the winners! Reach a goal? Give extra points to those who helped you reach it. Want everyone to watch a particular training video? Give them the incentive to do so right now.


The bottom line? Using GreenNurture helps boost it! Sustainable organizations realize cost savings and contribute to a healthier environment by making better use of their resources. We give organizations the tools to score those triple-bottom line benefits of increased profitability, reduced environmental impact and greater job satisfaction through employee engagement.
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