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Environmental change in the workplace is something that needs to engage the entire company from the bottom up. GreenNurture is the first software solution I've seen that enables this to happen, leading to a powerful shift in company culture. Quotes
Michael Muyot
President of CRD Analytics
and Creator of the NASDAQ
OMX CRD Global
Sustainability 50 Index

Your employees at all levels have valuable insights into how to make your organization more sustainable as they go about their duties. After all, it is their cumulative habits that have the greatest impact on how efficiently you use your resources. And by drawing them into the discussion, GreenNurture helps you utilize your human capital as capably as you use your financial capital!

As part of the GreenNurture program, employees receive:

  • Personal Home Page - Your employees' personal space within the program, accessed via a username and password. It's their window into your campaign and the avenue by which they access all the tools they need to be active in it.

  • Forum - The heart of the communication tool features a micro-blogging tool in which employees can submit ideas, share best practices, and give feedback on issues you put forth to them.

  • Video Training - Upload videos you want everyone to see, and track who is participating.

  • Articles, News & Announcements, RSS feeds - Raise awareness of important issues by selecting content to share with the entire organization, or even to smaller groups within the organization, and get their feedback on it so you can fine tune your sustainability campaign.

  • Recognition for Participation - Change behavior with positive reinforcement, by giving points and badges for helping your organization become more sustainable.

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